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To lease or not to lease... that is the question!

An investment property is one of the biggest assets a person will ever own. At Raine & Horne Randwick | Coogee we know owning an investment property is one of the best ways of securing your future, and that's why we'll do everything we can to maximise every opportunity for you. Why choose us? Because we've been helping people like you for decades.

Raine & Horne Randwick | Coogee offers a spectrum of services spanning over the key areas. We have dedicated staff members assigned to manage our arrears handling procedures and all routine inspections… so everything is professionally managed on your behalf behind the scenes. Communication is a major part of our business and we put strong emphasis of open and honest communication at every single point of contact!

How do I Prepare My Property for Leasing?

Always put your best foot forward by de-cluttering the surface areas; incorporate some colour into the key areas, such as the living room, bedroom and bathroom; inject some nature with fresh flowers and always make sure the property present at its very best when the photography is taken for the advertising campaign. If you have a vacant property, our team will work with our photographers to capture the best angles and space for presentation to the market online.

How Long will it take to Rent My Property?

This is dependent upon a number of various factors and includes the time of year for advertising, comparable properties that are currently on the market, vacancy rates in the area and the overall presentation of the property. If your property has been kept updated, fresh and clean and offers a homely space which is value for money, the rental market will respond favorably which will attract the ideal tenant for you.

My property is currently managed by another agency, how do I change my property to Raine & Horne Randwick | Coogee?

STEP 1: Check your managing agency agreement with your current agent for the period of notice you are required to provide.

STEP 2: Provide written notice to your current agent assigning Raine & Horne Randwick | Coogee as your new agent. We will take care of the rest

STEP 3: Sign our managing agency agreement which will commence the following day of your expiry notice period with your current

Please note that you can exit your agency agreement earlier than the notice period if you are willing to pay the current agent the management fees they would normally be paid over the notice period.

Do I need Landlord Insurance?

Short answer is… YES, Long answer is… YES, Any answer to the question is YES!

If you ensure your car, boat, and personal possessions, why overlook insuring your investment property? Insurance not only protects you against rental arrears, but also covers a range of other items including personal liability and damage to your internal fixtures and fittings.

I have some questions about renting…

Renting a property in the Sydney property market can be an exciting journey. Whether you choose to rent near the beach or park or just want to be where the action is, leasing can have some great benefits.

Your initial point of contact when applying for our properties will be one of our extraordinary Leasing Managers who will assist you with any enquiries. Please be sure that you check any queries with the consultant at the time of your inspection. It is required that everyone who will be living at the property completes a tenancy application form. These can be found when you click on the property information online.

Before you move in

Ensure you have crossed off all the items on your moving to do list and cover all bases to ensure moving is as hassle free as possible. Also you want to make sure that you have insurance for your contents as they will not be covered by the landlords insurance if damaged. If you have insurance on your contents make sure that you have updated your details with your new address.

Once you have received all information relating to your lease, you should contact your respective building/ strata manager and advise them of the time and date that you will be moving into the property. Very often with many strata buildings or buildings with concierge services available it is often required that you book in a time to move in so they can make the appropriate provisions for the common/ lobby areas as well.

After you move in

Make sure you, fill in your part of the 'Ingoing Condition Report' (take photos as proof for your records) and don't forget to return a copy to your property manager within 7 days. If you don't take the time to complete it accurately, any damages to the property when you leave, if not noted on the condition report may be deducted from your bond. If there are any major items that you have identified, it is best to communicate this to your property management team as soon as possible.

Top tips for problem free renting

Keep a copy of your lease, condition report, rent receipts, rental bond number and copies of letters/ emails you send or receive

Never stop paying your rent, even if the landlord is not complying with their side of the agreement (e.g. by failing to do repairs) this may affect the ability to rent in the future

If repairs are required, advise of your request in writing to the Property Manager and keep a copy for your records.

Comply with the terms of your lease. In particular never make any alterations, keep a pet or let other people move in without asking your property manager first.

If you are happy in the property and your lease comes to an end, contact your Property Manager to request for the lease to be renewed for another fixed term.

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