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Raine & Horne Randwick | Coogee is right by your side! We assist you be developing a researched and detailed approach whilst crafting a clear plan and strategy based on your needs and goals. We manage your marketing campaign, handle expert negotiations and make sure we secure every outcome. With over 100 years in combined property experience, our team truly delivers a unrivalled level of expertise in the property market.

Why Should I Choose a Real Estate Agent to Sell My Property?

When checking your health, you see the expert so when it comes to property it only makes sense to speak to a Real Estate Agent and Property professional. Choosing a real estate agent is like choosing a personal 'representative' in buying or selling your property. With a world of information available on the internet, some of the data provided is not always as current as what can be accessed by a Real Estate Professional. It can make the world of difference to your overall result by choosing the right agent to be by your side!

Private Treaty or Auction… What is the Difference?

Private Treaty is about setting the price at which your property is to be sold to the public.

Auctions are when prospective purchasers all come together to bid against one another on your property, with the highest bidder being successful on the day.

How Does Stamp Duty Affect Me?

Stamp Duty is revenue levied by the states on various transactions including property; however, it does vary depending on the value of the property.

What Real Estate Government Grants am I eligible for?

Government Grants for property are ever changing and are used to stimulate a certain sector of the economy. It is best to contact your relevant government bodies' i.e Office of State Revenue for all the current Grants available and what you may be eligible for.

At an Auction, is it necessary to register for each property that you bid on?

When bidding at an auction it is only necessary to register once. Your registration and bidding number will cover you for the entire event, not just one property.

Once I have chosen an Agent to sell my property, do I need to prepare anything else?

You will need to appoint a solicitor and ensure your property is clean and de-cluttered in preparation for marketing and photos to be taken on both the inside and outside to create that amazing first impression.

Do I need to appoint a conveyance/solicitor whether I am Buying or Selling a property?

We recommend you obtain the services of a solicitor/conveyancer whether you are buying or selling your property. They will ensure all legal avenues are followed both on your behalf and also with the other parties involved for your protection in the transaction.

For further information about how we can assist you sell your property, please feel free to reach out to one of our expert sales agents.


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